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22 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 5121 USD has been withdrawn from your account.Memo:API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
21 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 4221 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Memo: API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
20 Jun,2018 ->
My account is actived.I have got $5369 instantly.Thanks admin.
19 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 2913 USD has been withdrawn from your account.Memo:API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
18 Jun,2018 ->
My account is actived.I have got $3578 instantly.Thanks admin.
15 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 4459 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Memo: API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
14 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 5886 USD has been withdrawn from your account.Memo:API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
13 Jun,2018 ->
My account is actived.I have got $5383 instantly.Thanks admin. 
12 Jun,2018 ->
Paid.The amount of 6013 USD has been withdrawn from your account.Memo:API Payment.Withdrawal to ****** from
12 Jun,2018 ->
+++ On your wallet Ripple withdrawn 0.9 XRP (batch: CWCF59RQY4YK75JEVDNESB7QBB) Thank you!

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